Grant Writing

From research and writing to final editing, packaging, submission and presenting, Roxanne’s grants experience is extensive. She is available on an hourly or flat fee basis depending upon the unique needs of the project or client.

Additionally, Roxanne is available to guide, coach and mentor your nonprofit organization to develop a grants program. Roxanne’s proven Four Star Team Approach for nonprofit organizations is highly effective.  She can help organizations all the way through the grant process, and encourages the use of these basic job descriptions to get the job done:

Grant Manager: Takes the lead. Establishes and meets deadlines, selects the team, manages communications, oversees the project, is likely the primary grant writer. The Grant Manager does NOT do it all!

Researcher: Seeks out, analyzes and tracks grant funding sources (on spreadsheets, files, online, in person), assists in developing project budget, provides key data to team.

Logistics Coordinator: Pulls together all submittal requirements including organization documents, budget, testimonial letters, # of copies, manages assembly of final product with team members, insures delivery at least one day prior to deadline. Follows up as needed.

Editor: Critically reads and edits everything for “voice”, sizzle, fact and grammatical accuracy, quality control, images, overall impact, etc.